Thursday, February 12, 2009

Caritas Lebanon Migrant Center

HOTLINE: 03- 092-538/03-290-066
Telephone: 01-502-550/1/2/3/4
Location: Sin El Fil, Blvd. Charles Helou.
Bourj Hammoud, Haret Sader facing Cinema Central.
Camp Dbayeh, Street 1 (70-166-338).
Mrayjeh, Red Cross Street (03-310-471).
Tripoli, Deguiz Bldg, Top Cafe, Azmi Street (06-437-357).
Zahleh, Haouch el Omara Street (08-805-123).
Saida, Marchbishopric Street (03-559-107).
Taalabaya, Al Baydar Street (03-537-371).
Baalbeck, Wavel (Al Jalil) (70-191-182).

Provides counselling, access to medical assistance, education for migrants' children, orientation sessions to help newly-arrived workers, legal counseling, vocational training, assistance for trafficked and stranded women, support to prisoners, and a safe house.

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